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Our products

We offer our services throughout the South Shore (Chambly and St-Bruno included)

Here is an overview of the fabrics and leathers available from our suppliers:


Joanne Fabrics


EyeCandy-style fabric
Collection Eye Candy
Millenium-style fabric 1
Collection Tannery Millenium
Ovation-style fabric
Collection Ovation
Avalon-style fabric
Collection Avalon
Millenium-style fabric 2
Collection Tannery Millenium
Millenium-style fabric
Collection Tannery Millenium
Leo-style fabric
Collection Leo

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J.Ennis Fabrics


Apex-style fabric
Apex 2548 Raven
Apex-style fabric 1
Apex 2549 Pearl
Apex-style fabric 2
Apex 2550 Cherry Wood
Apex-style fabric 3
Apex 2551 Steel Silver
Apex-style fabric 4
Apex 2554 Brilliant White
Apex-style fabric 5
Apex 2555 Midnight
Apex-style fabric 6
Apex 2556 Lame
Apex-style fabric 7
Apex 2557 Parakeet
Apex-style fabric 8
Gemini 2565 Juicy Fig
Gemini-style fabric
Gemini 2566 Green Apple
Gemini-style fabric 1
Gemini 2567 Passion
Gemini-style fabric 2
Gemini 2568 Electric
Gemini-style fabric 3
Gemini 2569 Tangerine
Gemini-style fabric 4
Gemini 2570 Parakeet
Gemini-style fabric 5
Gemini 2571 Espresso
Gemini-style fabric 6
Gemini 2572 Molten

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Remi Carrier inc.

Southhampton-style fabric
(vinyl) Southhampton
Chelsea-style fabric
(vinyl) Chelsea
Oakwood-style fabric
(vinyl) Oakwood
Patch-style fabric
Pois-style fabric

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Fabrics and leather collection

Specialists in upholstery with new trends and designs.

Always on the lookout for new trends and designs, we have the newest fabrics and tinted leathers, in a variety of colors and styles. Classic or modern, the important thing is to achieve your dream piece!

Rembourrage Bon-Air:  For a new look at an affordable price!



Free estimate at home

Available in the evening, by appointment, even at your work place!

For a free estimate at home, we are available in the evening, by appointment. You can tell us all about your ideas and needs for your furniture. We offer our services in the Montérégie region.

Click here to get a free quote for your upholstering project

For commercial upholstery evaluations, we can also meet you on site, by appointment.


You can also come to our workshop in Carignan to look at our fabrics and leather collection, and tell us about your exact needs.

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Bon-Air, it's:

Southshore upholstery company (Chambly & St-Bruno)


Free evening consultation

Free estimate at home or at your business place by phone.


Leathers and fabrics

Colors and styles at affordable prices. Come to our workshop in Carignan to look at our fabrics and leathers collection!


5 years written guaranty

All our ulpholstery work has a 5 years guaranty. Contact us for more informations on our services.